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Hello! This Web Site is brought to you by Best Net Sites, a pioneer in the "Express Search" experience where Less Is Better. We have developed the "The Best Of Ashland" Web Site to give You Maximum Results with a Minimum Effort. All of the Web Sites Recommended on this site have been thoroughly researched and have received a rating of Four or Five stars.

Our approach is really quite simple, though extremely time consuming. We select a Category. We then research up to fifty or more of the top listed Web Sites found on the Major Search Engines. That list is then narrowed down to two to three of the Best Web Sites within that Category.

If you search Google, one of the world's top search engines, you will find 246,000 listings for Ashland Oregon, which covers every imaginable category. If you search Google for a Hotel, Motel or Bed and Breakfast you will be given 42,800 sites to chose from. On The Best of Ashland site you have two to three of the Best Sites for each one of them.

We have done the research for you. We provide sites where you can find what you are looking for in the shortest possible time. You also know that they are not there by chance. These sites are there because they have been researched as to Ease of Navigation, Clarity, Quality, Service and Value. In other words, they deliver what they promise.

Our concept of Express Searching of the most searched Categories has some drawbacks. Many lesser searched categories do not appear on this site. To balance this, we have placed on The Best Of Ashland immediate access to search engines specific to Ashland and Southern Oregon. These can be found on the "Local Directories" Page and, of course, They are the Best Local Directories. This helps you bypass the major search engines with their millions of listings.

It is on this belief, that Less Is Better, that we have created the Express approach. It is on this basis, plus ease of use, service and value that we have chosen the listings that appear on our sites. We look to You, the user, to help us live up to the Best of Ashland as it appears in the name of this site. If you would like to recommend a site or to comment on one of our current service providers please contact us.

Thank you for taking the time to learn About Us and our Express approach to Searching the Internet. If you find it helpful in fulfilling your Internet needs please bookmark this site. We also are asking your help in getting the word out by recommending it to friends who share your interest in Shakespeare, Ashland and Southern Oregon.    


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