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695 Mistletoe Rd #F, Ashland, OR 97529
At Illahe Tileworks, They Draw From The Rich Heritage Of The Past As Well As Contemporary Styles. In the tradition of the individual craftsman, Illahe’s beautiful handmade ceramic tiles are individually pressed and hand painted, with the special attention needed to bring elegance to your project. Illahe Tileworks offers a full line of field tile and trims, as well as decorative tiles and period-style liners. From residential to large-scale commercial or public art projects and murals, Illahe’s hand made art tile provides the perfect solution in terms of beauty and durability....more.
115 East Main Street, Ashland, OR 97520 - 541-482-2884
Devoted To The Home Chef And Entertainer, Allyson’s Kitchen in Ashland is a Gourmet Paradise. In their kitchenware department, you’ll find a unique vegetable peeler that even works on tomatoes, the perfect pan for omelets, an Asian knife that works like a dream and an automatic espresso maker that makes superb espresso with the touch of a finger. That is just the beginning. You can browse and order On Line and/or visit their store when you are in Ashland....more.
The Home Of The Finest Peonies
Buck Canyon Gardens Specializes In Growing OnlyThe Finest Herbaceous Peonies. Peonies are one of the best perennials to grow in temperate gardens, and their longevity, drought tolerance, deer resistance, fragrance, and foliage add to their appeal, but the attraction for most of us is their huge bouquets of vivid blossoms, which appear in a radiant range of red, rose, lavender, yellow, and various shades of pink, and white." Karen Goodrich. Visit them if you are in the vicinity of Cave Junction. If you can't get there you should visit their Website where you can make your selection from their Peony Catalog....more.


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